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Xilinx Devices

Design, analyze, and prototype for Xilinx® SoC, Versal® ACAP, and FPGA devices

SoC Blockset™ Support Package for Xilinx Devices enables you to model, simulate, analyze, and prototype hardware and software architectures on Xilinx devices using SoC Blockset. The support package features key capabilities including I/O data recording, software profiling, FPGA diagnostics, Linux® customization, software and hardware code generation (with required coder products), and custom board support.


  • Setup and Configuration
    Install hardware support, update firmware, configure hardware connection to Xilinx SoC, Versal ACAP, and FPGA devices
  • Hardware I/O Devices
    Model the connection between the IO devices on your board and your FPGA logic
  • Host I/O
    Connect host computer and memory-mapped locations on your board or FPGA logic
  • Radio Applications
    Prototype and test SDR systems by using the IP core generation workflow
  • Vision Applications
    Use the IP core generation workflow to capture live video to simulation, process video streams on SoCs, and integrate deep learning processors with video designs
  • Operating System (OS) Customization
    Customize the operating system on the embedded processor in Xilinx SoC device
  • Board Support
    Add new Xilinx based hardware boards to the list of supported hardware boards in SoC Blockset
  • Support for Fixed Reference Design
    Create SoC model for fixed reference design, edit created model to include algorithm, simulate and/or build and deploy model on MPSoC, RFSoC, and Versal ACAP devices