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Create Default Transition Objects

Default transitions differ from normal transitions in not having a source object. You can create a default transition with these steps:

  1. Create a transition.

  2. Attach the destination end of the transition to an object.

  3. Position the source endpoint for the transition.

If you assume that the variable sA is a handle to state A, these commands create a default transition and position the source 25 pixels above and 15 pixels to the left of the top midpoint of state A:

dt = Stateflow.Transition(sA);
dt.Destination = sA;
dt.DestinationOClock = 0;
xsource = sA.Position(1)+sA.Position(3)/2;
ysource = sA.Position(2)-30;
dt.SourceEndPoint = [xsource ysource];
dt.MidPoint = [xsource ysource+15];

The created default transition looks like this:

Stateflow chart with a default transition leading to a state.

This method is also used for adding the default transitions toward the end of the example chart constructed in Create Charts by Using the Stateflow API.

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