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Saving and Restoring Operating Points

Restart your simulation from nonzero time

Save an operating point of a Stateflow® chart at a specific time. Operating points include output, data, and configuration parameters. Run segments of long simulations and save segments to investigate specific times in your simulation.


Using Operating Points in Stateflow

Save and investigate specific time segments in your model simulation.

Methods for Interacting with the Operating Point of a Chart

Use specific methods to interact with the operating point of a chart.

Guidelines for Using the Operating Point of a Chart

Limitations, rules, and restrictions of using and modifying operating points.

Best Practices for Saving the Operating Point of a Chart

Use MAT-Files and scripts to save an operating point.

Divide a Long Simulation into Segments

Save long simulations into short segments using operating points.

Test a Unique Chart Configuration

Test a chart response for a hard-to-reach configurations.

Test a Chart with Fault Detection and Redundant Logic

Check the response of a chart to one or more failures.