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Decrement count of number of instances of resource


count = decrementResourceCount(arduinoObj, resource)



count = decrementResourceCount(arduinoObj, resource) decrements current count of instances of the specified resource by one and returns the updated count. Call this function in your add-on Destructor.


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Decrement the resource count of a servo created with the parent arduino object.

arduinoObj = obj.Parent;			% In the constructor
incrementResourceCount (arduinoObj, 'servo')
decrementResourceCount (arduinoObj, 'servo');		% In destructor

Input Arguments

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Arduino object, specified as an object that is an internal variable called from within classes that derive from matlabshared.addon.LibraryBase.

Name of resource to decrement, specified as a character vector. The resource must be added to the arduino object before using incrementResourceCount.

Introduced in R2015b