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Read one sample of acceleration from sensor


accelReadings = readAcceleration(imu)



accelReadings = readAcceleration(imu) returns one sample of the acceleration data on x, y, and z axes read from the sensor in units of m/s2.


Read Acceleration from Sensor

Create an Arduino object and include the I2C library.


Or, you can explicitly specify it in the Libraries Name-Value pair while creating the Arduino object.

clear a;
a = arduino('COM4', 'Uno', 'Libraries', 'I2C');

Create the sensor object.

imu = mpu9250(a);

Return one sample of acceleration data.

accelReadings = readAcceleration(imu)

accelReadings =

   -0.7023    0.1317   10.3968

Input Arguments

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The IMU sensor object.

Output Arguments

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The acceleration value on x, y, and z axes read from the sensor.

Introduced in R2019a