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Target NVIDIA® hardware from Simulink®

Prepare Simulink model for hardware connection, add blocks to support NVIDIA hardware.


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ALSA Audio CaptureCapture audio from sound card using ALSA
ALSA Audio PlaybackSend audio to sound card for playback using ALSA
Audio File ReadRead audio frames from an audio file
CameraCapture video from a USB or CSI camera connected to the NVIDIA target
Network Video ReceiveReceive video from a network RTP stream
SDL Video DisplayDisplay video on a monitor connected to the NVIDIA target
GPIO ReadRead logical state of an input pin
GPIO WriteSet logical state of an output pin
CAN Receive Receive messages from the controller area network (CAN) bus
CAN TransmitTransmit messages on the controller area network (CAN) bus
Serial ReadRead data from serial port
Serial WriteWrite data to serial port
TCP/IP ReceiveReceive data over TCP/IP network from remote host
TCP/IP SendSend data over TCP/IP network to another remote host
UDP Receive Receive UDP packets from UDP host
UDP SendSend UDP packets to UDP host


Model Configuration Parameters for NVIDIA Hardware Board

Parameter and configuration options for creating and running applications on an NVIDIA hardware board.

Open Block Library for NVIDIA Hardware

Locate Simulink block library for NVIDIA hardware.

Simulation Acceleration by Using GPU Coder (GPU Coder)

Improve simulation speed by using NVIDIA GPUs.

Code Generation from Simulink Models with GPU Coder (GPU Coder)

Generate CUDA code from Simulink models by using GPU Coder.

GPU Code Generation for Deep Learning Networks Using MATLAB Function Block (GPU Coder)

Simulate and generate code for deep learning models in Simulink using MATLAB function blocks.

GPU Code Generation for Blocks from the Deep Neural Networks Library (GPU Coder)

Simulate and generate code for deep learning models in Simulink using library blocks.

Serial Port Mapping for NVIDIA Jetson Boards

Identify the port names for the serial ports on NVIDIA Jetson® boards.

Read and Write Data over Serial Port on NVIDIA Jetson Platforms

This example shows how to use MATLAB® Coder™ Support Package for NVIDIA® Jetson® and NVIDIA DRIVE® to read and write serial data over the UART port on a Jetson board.

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