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Obtain radio information


RadioSettings = info(sdr) returns a structure array containing the current radio settings for the radio hardware associated with the System object™ sdr.

Input Arguments

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Software defined radio, connected to the host computer and associated with an SDR System object.

Example: txPluto = sdrtx('Pluto') creates a PlutoSDR transmitter System object.

Output Arguments

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Synchronized radio settings information between an SDR System object and the associated radio hardware, returned as a structure array.

If sdr has settings information, the returned radio information varies depending on the type of radio hardware.

If sdr has no settings information or it is not associated with a radio attached to the host, the structure returned is empty or with the Status field set to 'No connection with device'.


  • The actual computed value and your specified setting can have a small mismatch. To confirm that the actual computed value is close enough to your specified setting, call the info object function on the radio object.

  • The FrequencyCorrection property changes the actual radio setting for BasebandSampleRate and CenterFrequency.

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Introduced in R2017a