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Radio Management

Adjust radio using block and System object™ settings

Adjust radio settings using RTL-SDR Receiver block parameters and System object properties.


infoCharacteristic information of RTL-SDR device


comm.SDRRTLReceiverReceive data from RTL-SDR device


RTL-SDR ReceiverReceive data from RTL-SDR device


Check Radio Connection

Check radio connection to receiver block and receiver System object.

Query Radio Address

Query and set IP address of connected radios.

Set Radio Sample Times

Set sample rate in receiver block or receiver System object.

Real-Time Operation

Analyze real time operation.

Use Multiple Radios Attached to Host Computer

Create RTL-SDR receiver blocks or receiver System objects for multiple radios.

Desired Versus Actual Parameter Values

Actual parameter values can vary from your desired setting.

Supported Data Types

Data types supported by the input port.


Common Problems and Fixes

Resolve issues encountered while installing or using the features of the support package.

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