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Check Radio Connection

Block Connection

You can verify that the RTL-SDR Receiver block is connected to RTL hardware by examining the block mask.

  1. Open model with an RTL-SDR Receiver block.

  2. Double click on the block to open the block mask.

    If the block is connected, then the Hardware Information panel shows the current settings of the RTL radio.

    If the block is not connected, the Hardware Information panel shows the message Cannot find radio.

Note that a block can connect to only one receiver at a time, on the same radio address.

System Object Connection

Follow these steps to verify that your RTL-SDR receiver System object™ is connected to the RTL-SDR radio:

  1. Construct an RTL-SDR receiver System object:

    h = 
      System: comm.SDRRTLReceiver
               RadioAddress: '0'      
            CenterFrequency: 102500000
             EnableTunerAGC: true     
                 SampleRate: 250000   
             OutputDataType: 'int16'  
            SamplesPerFrame: 1024     
        FrequencyCorrection: 0  
  2. Enter the following command:


    If there is a radio at RadioAddress 0, then the information returned shows the current settings of the RTL radio.

    ans = 
                    RadioName: 'Generic RTL2832U OEM'
                 RadioAddress: '0'
                  RadioIsOpen: 0
                    TunerName: 'R820T'
                 Manufacturer: 'Realtek'
                      Product: 'RTL2838UHIDIR'
                   GainValues: [29x1 double]
          RTLCrystalFrequency: 28800000
        TunerCrystalFrequency: 28800000
                 SamplingMode: 'Quadrature'
                 OffsetTuning: 'Disabled'

A System object can only connect to one subdevice (receiver) at a time, on the same radio address. RTL-SDR radio System objects connect to a subdevice when you call the step method, and will stay connected until you call the release method.

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