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ThingSpeak Write

Publish data to Internet of Things using ThingSpeak

Since R2021a

  • ThingSpeak Write block

Embedded Coder Support Package for STMicroelectronics Discovery Boards / STM32L475VG-Discovery (B-L475E-IOT01A)


Use this block publish data from your target hardware to the Internet of Things using ThingSpeak.

ThingSpeak™ is an IoT analytics platform service that allows you to aggregate, visualize, and analyze live data streams in the cloud. You can send data to ThingSpeak from your devices, create instant visualizations of live data, and send alerts using web services. With MATLAB® analytics inside ThingSpeak, you can write and execute MATLAB code to perform preprocessing, visualizations, and analyses.

For more information on how to use ThingSpeak, see Apps, Plugins, or Tutorials.


  • The ThingSpeak Write and ThingSpeak Read blocks take a minimum of 700 ms for execution when you run the model in external mode. If the overall model execution time when you run the model in external mode exceeds 2 s, there can be sporadic disconnects. There is no such limitation if you run the model in the Build, load and run mode.

  • When using the WiFi TCP Send, WiFi TCP Receive, ThingSpeak Read, and ThingSpeak Write blocks in a model, the blocks must have the same sample time as the driver code is nonreentrant.



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The input port from which the block sends data to the ThingsSpeak channel field you specify in the Fields parameter. If you do not specify a field, the block sends data to all the fields in the channel in a sequential manner.

Data Types: single


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Specify the ThingSpeak channel to which you want to write data.

If you do not know the channel ID of your channel:

  1. Sign In to ThingSpeak using your MathWorks® Account.

  2. Select Channels > My Channels.

  3. Select the channel to which to you want to write data.

  4. Click the Channel Settings tab.

  5. Copy the channel ID from the Channel ID parameter.

  6. Open the ThingSpeak Write block in your model and paste the copied ID to the Channel ID parameter.

Specify the write API key of the ThingSpeak channel. Get the Write API Key parameter from your channel in

After creating a ThingSpeak channel for your target hardware:

  1. In the website, select Channels > My Channels.

  2. Under the channel that you created for this target hardware, click Settings.

  3. Click the API Keys tab.

  4. Copy the key from Write API Key parameter.

  5. Open the ThingSpeak Write block in your model and paste the API key into Write API key parameter.

Set the number of variables to write.

Enable to set the minimum update interval.

Specify the minimum update interval time in seconds.


Enable to send location information. Specify the location source and location.

Select the source of the location. When location source is set to:

  • Input port - specify the location using a signal that is connected to the location block input.

  • Block dialog - specify the location using the Location (latitude, longitude, altitude) parameter.

In both cases, specify the location as a cell array of three elements:


Use decimal degrees notation to specify latitude and longitude. Use meters to specify altitude. For example:

  • The lowest human-sized point underground, the TauTona Mine in Carletonville, South Africa: [-26.416111,27.4275,-3900]

  • The highest point measured from sea level, the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal: [27.988056,86.925278,8848]

Specify the location as a cell array of three elements:



To enable this parameter, set Location source parameter to Block dialog.

Enable this parameter if you want to specify the fields to send data. If this parameter is not enabled, the data is sent to the fields in a sequential order.

Specify the fields of the ThingSpeak channel to which the block sends data.


To enable this parameter, select Enable field selection parameter.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a