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Hardware-Software Co-Design Basics

Learn about the hardware-software co-design workflow and how to use the Workflow Advisor to run the algorithm on the SoC platform

You can use the hardware-software co-design workflow to partition your design to run on SoC platforms. By using the HDL Workflow Advisor, you can use the IP Core Generation workflow to generate an HDL IP core that runs on the FPGA on board the SoC. Using Embedded Coder®, you can generate and build the embedded software, and run it on the ARM® processor.


Hardware-Software Co-Design Workflow for SoC Platforms

High-level workflow steps for targeting an SoC platform.

Getting Started with the HDL Workflow Advisor

Learn the basics of the HDL Workflow Advisor and how to run various tasks.

Run HDL Workflow with a Script

Export, import, or configure an HDL Workflow CLI command script.

Featured Examples