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Default Video System Reference Design

With the HDL Coder™ software, you can generate an HDL IP core with AXI4-Stream Video interfaces. You can integrate the HDL IP core into the Default video system reference design platform. The reference design supports high-speed image processing and video streaming applications.

The reference design contains the IP blocks to handle HDMI input and output video interfaces. HDL Coder generates the HDL DUT IP core with an AXI4-Stream Video interface, and inserts it into the reference design. The AXI4-Stream Video interface processes the video stream from the HDMI Input IP, and sends the output video stream to the HDMI Output IP. The input stream to the HDL IP core is in RGB format. The reference design contains IP blocks that convert the video stream data between the YCbCr and RGB formats.

For parameter tuning, the IP core can have an AXI4-Lite interface that connects to the ARM processor.



  • Computer Vision Toolbox™ Support Package for Xilinx® Zynq®-Based Hardware


  • Input video source and output video display resolution: 1080p

  • Video stream Pixel Data signal format: RGB

  • Video stream Pixel Data signal encoding: Encodes RGB format into 32-bit representation 32’hFFRRGGBB

  • DUT interface: Only one AXI4-Stream Video Slave and one AXI4-Stream Video Master interface

Targeting the Reference Design

To target your video algorithm in Simulink® to the Default video system reference design:

  1. Model your video algorithm with the streaming pixel protocol. To generate an IP core with AXI4-Stream Video interfaces, in your DUT interface, implement the Pixel Data and Pixel Control Bus signals. You can optionally model the backpressure signal, Ready, and map it to the AXI4-Stream Video interface.

    For more information, see Model Design for AXI4-Stream Video Interface Generation.

  2. Specify IP Core Generation as target workflow. Open the HDL Workflow Advisor. In the Set Target Device and Synthesis Tool task, specify IP Core Generation as the Target workflow. For Target platform, choose from one of the boards listed in Board Support.

  3. Specify Default video system as target reference design. In the Set Target Reference Design task, for Reference design, specify Default video system (requires HDMI FMC Module). You can also specify whether you want the code generator to automatically insert the JTAG MATLAB AXI Master IP in the reference design. For an example, see Using JTAG MATLAB as AXI Master to control the HDL Coder IP Core.

Go through the workflow to generate the HDL IP core, and integrate the IP core into the Default video system reference design.

For an example that shows how to generate an HDL IP core with AXI4-Stream Video interface, see Getting Started with AXI4-Stream Video Interface in Zynq Workflow.

Board Support

You can use the Default video system reference design architecture with these target platforms:

  • Xilinx Zynq ZC702 evaluation kit

  • Xilinx Zynq ZC706 evaluation kit

  • ZedBoard

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