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LaTeX form of symbolic expression





latex(S) returns the LaTeX form of the symbolic expression S.


LaTeX Form of Symbolic Expression

Find the LaTeX form of the symbolic expressions x^2 + 1/x and sin(pi*x) + alpha.

syms x phi
latex(x^2 + 1/x)
latex(sin(pi*x) + phi)
ans =

ans =
    '\varphi +\sin\left(\pi \,x\right)'

LaTeX Form of Symbolic Matrix

Find the LaTeX form of the symbolic matrix M.

syms x
M = [sym(1)/3 x; exp(x) x^2]
latexM = latex(M)
M =
[    1/3,   x]
[ exp(x), x^2]

latexM =
    '\left(\begin{array}{cc} \frac{1}{3} & x\\ {\mathrm{e}}^x & x^2 \end{array}\right)'

Use LaTeX to Format Title, Axis Labels, and Ticks

For and from to , plot the 3-D surface . Store the axes handle in a by using gca. Display the axes box by using a.Box and set the tick label interpreter to latex.

Create the x-axis ticks by spanning the x-axis limits at intervals of pi/2. Convert the axis limits to precise multiples of pi/2 using round and get the symbolic tick values in S. Display the ticks by setting the XTick property of a to S. Create the LaTeX labels for the x-axis by using arrayfun to apply latex to S and then concatenating $. Display the labels by assigning them to the XTickLabel property of a.

Repeat these steps for the y-axis. Set the x- and y-axes labels and the title using the latex interpreter.

syms x y
f = y.*sin(x)-x.*cos(y);
fsurf(f,[-2*pi 2*pi])
a = gca;
a.TickLabelInterpreter = 'latex';
a.Box = 'on';
a.BoxStyle = 'full';

S = sym(a.XLim(1):pi/2:a.XLim(2));
S = sym(round(vpa(S/pi*2))*pi/2);
a.XTick = double(S);
a.XTickLabel = strcat('$',arrayfun(@latex, S, 'UniformOutput', false),'$');

S = sym(a.YLim(1):pi/2:a.YLim(2));
S = sym(round(vpa(S/pi*2))*pi/2);
a.YTick = double(S);
a.YTickLabel = strcat('$',arrayfun(@latex, S, 'UniformOutput', false),'$');

title(['$' latex(f) '$ for $x$ and $y$ in $[-2\pi,2\pi]$'],'Interpreter','latex')

Input Arguments

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Input, specified as a symbolic number, variable, vector, matrix, multidimensional array, function, or expression.

Introduced before R2006a