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FIX Flyer

Access market data, submit orders, and request information through FIX messages using FIX Flyer™

The FIX Flyer Engine enables communication with a trading system through FIX messages. For example, you can request market data, create and manage orders, and retrieve other available information using the FIX protocol.

For a simple example about order creation using FIX Flyer, see Create an Order Using FIX Flyer.


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struct2fixConvert structure array containing FIX tags to cell array of FIX messages
table2fixConvert table containing FIX tags to cell array of FIX messages
fixflyerCreate FIX Flyer Engine connection
addListenerAdd event handling listener to FIX Flyer connection
sendMessageSend FIX message to FIX Flyer Engine
orderInfoRetrieve FIX Flyer order status and information
closeClose FIX Flyer connection
fix2structConvert FIX message to structure array
fix2tableConvert FIX message to table


Create an Order Using FIX Flyer

Create a FIX Flyer connection, submit orders, and retrieve order information.