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Planning and Control

Guidance models and navigation, trajectory and waypoint following

Plan and execute UAV flights using guidance motion models for fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs. Fly predefined missions using waypoint and trajectory-following algorithms. For an example using an RRT path planner that plans and simulates a flight in a city setting, see Motion Planning with RRT for Fixed-Wing UAV.


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fixedwingGuidance model for fixed-wing UAVs
multirotorGuidance model for multirotor UAVs
controlControl commands for UAV
derivativeTime derivative of UAV states
environmentEnvironmental inputs for UAV
stateUAV state vector
uavWaypointFollowerFollow waypoints for UAV
uavOrbitFollowerOrbit location of interest using a UAV
uavPathManagerCompute and execute a UAV autonomous mission
controllerVFH3DAvoid obstacles using 3D vector field histogram
uavDubinsConnectionDubins path connection for UAV
uavDubinsPathSegmentDubins path segment connecting two poses of UAV
connectConnect poses with UAV Dubins connection path
interpolateInterpolate poses along UAV Dubins path segment


Orbit FollowerOrbit location of interest using UAV
Waypoint FollowerFollow waypoints for UAV
UAV Guidance ModelReduced-order model for UAV
UAV AnimationAnimate UAV flight path using translations and rotations
Path ManagerCompute and execute a UAV autonomous mission
Fixed-Wing UAV Point MassIntegrate fourth- or sixth-order point mass equations of motion in coordinated flight
Obstacle AvoidanceCompute obstacle-free direction using range sensor data and target position