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Return characteristic information about TGay multipath fading channel


tgayInfo = info(tgay)



tgayInfo = info(tgay) returns a structure, tgayInfo, containing characteristic information about the IEEE® 802.11ay™ (TGay) multipath fading channel System object™ tgay.


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Create a WLAN TGay channel System object™ and return its characteristic information.

Create a WLAN TGay multipath fading channel System object with default property values.

tgay = wlanTGayChannel;

Return and display the characteristic information of the TGay channel.

tgayInfo = info(tgay);
           NumTxStreams: 1
           NumRxStreams: 1
          NumTxElements: 4
          NumRxElements: 4
     ChannelFilterDelay: 7
    NumSamplesProcessed: 0

Input Arguments

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TGay multipath fading channel, specified as a wlanTGayChannel System object.

Output Arguments

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Characteristic information about channel, returned as a structure containing these fields:

  • NumTxStreams – Number of transmitted data streams

  • NumRxStreams – Number of received data streams

  • NumTxElements – Number of elements in each transmit antenna array

  • NumRxElements – Number of elements in each receive antenna array

  • ChannelFilterDelay – Channel filter delay introduced by the implementation, measured in number of samples

  • NumSamplesProcessed – Number of samples the channel has processed since it was last reset

Each field of tgayInfo is returned as a nonnegative integer.

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