Simulink Real-Time Target Computer Explorer tech preview

Interact with target computer and real-time application running on target computer


Simulink® Real-Time™ Target Computer Explorer provides a single point of contact for viewing connection status and interacting with a real-time application. You can monitor and trace signals, tune parameters, and stream data to the Simulation Data Inspector.


Do not use Simulink external mode while Simulink Real-Time Target Explorer is running. Use only one interface or the other.

Use Simulink Real-Time Target Computer Explorer for these tasks:

  • Connect the development computer and target computer.

  • Load, start, and stop a real-time application on target computer.

  • View real-time application parameters and signal hierarchy.

  • Select real-time application signals for streaming to the Simulation Data Inspector.

  • Set real-time application stop time.


In this tech preview, the improveExplorerPerformance function improves performance of the tech preview Explorer. This function generates a tree that represents the model hierarchy of real-time application APP for the Explorer. If you do not execute the improveExplorerPerformance function after you build APP, the tech preview Explorer builds the tree each time the Explorer opens and loads APP on the target computer. To improve prototype explorer performance, execute improveExplorerPerformance each time you build APP.


Open the Simulink Real-Time Target Computer Explorer tech preview

From the MATLAB Command Window, type:



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This example shows how to connect to the target computer, load the real-time application, select signals for a signal list, start the real-time application, and view the streaming data in the Simulation Data Inspector..

Open the Simulink Real-Time Target Computer Explorer, type:


In the Simulink Real-Time Target Computer Explorer, to connect to the selected target computer, click Connect.

To select and load a real-time application, click Load Application and select the mldatx file.

To select signals for streaming, click the application name, select signals from the Signals tab, and click the Add selected signals button.

To run the application and generate data for streaming, click the Run button.

To stream the signal data, select the signals in the Group signals to stream for SDI list and click the Stream Signal Group to SDI button.

To view the streaming signals, click the Open in SDI button.

After viewing the data, to stop the real-time application, click the Stop button.

Programmatic Use

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SimulinkRealTime.prototype.Explorer opens the Target Computer Explorer.

Introduced in R2019a