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Simulink to CCS5 for the processor F28069

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Suresh Jaggal
Suresh Jaggal le 13 Nov 2013
Modifié(e) : Dani Tormo le 9 Mai 2014
Dear All, I was trying to generate a code from simulink for the processor F28069. When i try to build the model it asks to browse to the Header files of F2806x although i give the right path , i do get the error of The call to idelink_ert_make_rtw_hook, during the exit hook generated the following error:
When i check for >> checkEnvSetup('ccsv5','F28069','check') i get the following result. The required version of 2806x C/C++ Header Files is not found in C:\ti\controlSUITE\device_support\f2806x\v120\F2806x_headers
Following environment variable(s) required for code generation could not be set:
2806x C/C++ Header Files
Your version : 1.20
Required version: 1.20
Required for : Code generation
But the Header files are present in the mentioned Folder . Please provide the solution if anybody had same Problems.
Regards, Suresh

Réponses (2)

Suresh Jaggal
Suresh Jaggal le 14 Nov 2013
I think the solution for the above question was, the Matlab was not able to recognise the path of DSP2806x_INSTALLDIR. So we need to set up a system variable for the path by right clicking on my computer properties in then in advanced setting on system variable path we have to provide the appropriate header file path . And we should restart the matlab . Then we can build the Simulink model successfully without any errors . Hope it helps.

Dani Tormo
Dani Tormo le 9 Mai 2014
Modifié(e) : Dani Tormo le 9 Mai 2014
Hello Suresh,
here you have a tutorial on how to go through that process. Mind it is for the F2802X, just look for the appropriate folders of the F28069.
Cheers! Daniel

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