PV simulation of solar system

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John on 26 Feb 2014
Answered: shrik kader on 5 Jun 2017
Hi everyone! I am writing a Matlab program for simulation of PV. My aim to plot I-V and P-V characteristics of the curve.
When I run the simulation in a matlab script file. I keep encountering an error and it says
msx60(Va, Suns, TaC) * Undefined function or variable 'Va' *
The following program is part of the code I used.
function Ia = msx60( Va, Suns, TaC )
% msx60.m model for the MSX-60 solar array
% current given voltage, illumination and temperature % Ia= msx60(Va,G,T) = array voltage
% Ia,Va = array current voltage % G = num of Suns (1 Sun = 1000 W/m^2)
% T = Temp in Deg C
k = 1.38e-23; %Boltzman's Constant
q = 1.60e-19; %Charge on an electron

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shrik kader
shrik kader on 5 Jun 2017
ok, where is the rest of the code first of all?. and yes , it seems that the variable Va is undefined .


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