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Initial temperature for simulated annealing

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Ed Hall
Ed Hall on 25 Jun 2014
Commented: Dávid Huri on 20 Aug 2020
Has anyone implemented the algorithm for computing the initial temperature to use in simulated annealing as detailed in the paper,
Ben-Ameur, Walid. "Computing the initial temperature of simulated annealing." Computational Optimization and Applications 29, no. 3 (2004): 369-385.
Thanks, Ed Hall
PS. attaching the referenced paper. If no one else has coded it, I'll do it myself.

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Dávid Huri
Dávid Huri on 20 Aug 2020
Dear Ed,
Have you managed the algorithm implementation? If yes, could you share it with me?
Thanks, Dávid

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Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall on 20 Aug 2020
Sorry David, but no, I never went through with the implementation.
Ed Hall

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