is it possible to interface Infineon XMC1300 with matlab for instrument control toolbox

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siva le 29 Juil 2014
Commenté : Ilker le 8 Sep 2022
I use Infenion Xmc microcontroller for motor control based solutions.I would like to know if its possible to interface the microcontroller with the matlab so as to analyse voltage waveforms to perform spectral analysis etc..
if so how to interface the microcontroller with the matlab interface and how to get the voltage information and to see it in a graph use to analyse it etc
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Ilker le 8 Sep 2022
You could use UART or CAN channels of XMC controller to see the data on matlab. But you need to integrate Can also you need to have a can analyzer which can be supported by matlab. Otherwise you could use uart but it will be very slow to analyze the data.
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