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I removed a redundant "Documents" folder under the top level "Documents" folder and now I am getting the following error on start up. How can I fix this?

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Warning: Executing startup failed in matlabrc.
This indicates a potentially serious problem in your MATLAB setup, which should
be resolved as soon as possible. Error detected was:
Cannot CD to C:\Users\022650\Documents\Documents\MATLAB (Name is nonexistent or
not a directory).

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Sep 2021
Click on the Home tab on the tool ribbon. Click Set Path. Look for that folder in the list. If you see it, remove it.
If that doesn't solve it, then
>> edit startup.m
If the file is empty, just exit. If it's not empty, look for a call to cd to that folder. If you see it, delete that line and save the file and restart MATLAB to test the fix.
If that still doesn't work, try
>> restoredefaultpath
If that still doesn't work, call tech support for fast and free technical support. Ask for Tech Support, then Installation.




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