need some help to troubleshoot a "solution not finite" error in Simulink

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I'm getting the following error on my Simulink model:
I tried changing the initial conditions and reducing the fixed step size, but neither works. Attached here is my Simulink file and the list of parameters I'm using, could someone give me some hint please?
m = 0.1; %Mass of Airfoil
M = 1.0; %mass of cart
g = 0;9.81; %Gravitational acceleration
l = 0.5; %Distance between Pitch Axis and CG
alpha_eq = 0; %Equilibrium Angle of Attack in radians
rho = 1.225; %Air density
U = 1; %Free-stream velocity
q_inf = 0.5*rho*U^2;%Dynamic pressure
c = 1; %Chord length
p = 3*c/4; %Distance between Pitch Axis and CP
I_G = 10;(1/3)*m*c^2 ; %Moment of Inertia about the CG
xf = 1; %Coordinate of Pitch Axis from Leading Edge
e = (xf/c) - 0.25; %Elastic margin
C = 1; %Theodorsen's function
gamma = 0.1;

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