Combine multiple tables into one table and export as an excel file

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I need to generate an excel file from multiple tables in my workspace, catch is all the tables have different number of rows, so I want to align them as best as possible using the first column of each table and push them out to an excel file.
I also need to put out a separate excel file for each table, is there a way to loop through the tables and generate an excel file for each of them…. So basically, how can I change the file name (meaning the excel file that i want to generate) every iteration to the appropriate table name which is at very last part of the directory/path
If it’s any help, I’ve attached a few tables and a piece of my code for a reference.

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KSSV on 3 Nov 2021
files = dir('*.mat') ; % you are in the folder where mat files are present
N = length(files) ;
T = cell(N,1) ;
for i = 1:N
thisfile = files(i).name ;
temp = struct2cell(load(thisfile));
T{i} = temp{1} ;
% Write each tble to excel file
[thepath,name,extn] = fileparts(thisfile) ;
outfile = [files(i).folder,filesep,name,'.xlsx'] ;
HabenG on 3 Nov 2021
Edited: HabenG on 3 Nov 2021
Thanks Fellas. I used outjoin with merge to combine the tables and i've also decided to push all the table into a single excel file in different sheets but it seems like i can only output an excel file with only one sheet. When i try to add another table into a different sheet it wipes out data i had in another sheet.

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HabenG on 3 Nov 2021
Edited: HabenG on 4 Nov 2021
Figured it out. I combined all the table and iterated through each column and made a separate sheet for each column....hopefully this will help someone
Directory = ('C:\Users\hgheb\OneDrive\Desktop\TestForlder\Logistic.xlsx'); % Change to your directory
k = numel('your table name here'.Properties.VariableNames);
for i = 1: width(k)
writetable('your table name here'(:,[1, i]),Directory,"Sheet",i,"WriteMode","inplace"); % Here i'm keeping column 1 for all sheets while iterating through all other columns.

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