In MATLAB , NANs in during training neural network

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Amir Khan
Amir Khan le 13 Nov 2021
Commenté : Arjun Suhass le 25 Jan 2022
I encountered a very strange problem while using Matlab 2016a Using a neural network built into the Perceptron NNtool toolbox, I try to predict a nonlinear variable. However, during training, the values obtained are for testing and training and validation of NANs. I tried to change the learning speed and hide the layers, but nothing worked. Do you have any idea, why is this so? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Arjun Suhass
Arjun Suhass le 25 Jan 2022
Please improve this question with a reproducible code sample or link to the example.

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David Willingham
David Willingham le 15 Nov 2021
MathWorks didn't build the Perceptron NNtool toolbox. You can run shallow neural networks in both the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox:
and within Deep Learning Toolbox there is also functionality:
Have you had a look at either of those? If so, then there is support MathWorks could offer


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