How to return a uint64_t from a mex function?

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Shlomo Geva
Shlomo Geva on 22 Nov 2021
Commented: Shlomo Geva on 22 Nov 2021
I want to assign to plhs[0] a scalar of type uint64_t.
Not sure what function to call.
e.g. if I have
uint64_t y=123;
and I want to return y to Matlab
I tried
plhs[0] = mxCreateDoubleScalar(y);
But this is not the right call as it is not a double. How to create a uint64_t variable in the mex function? in there another mxCreate...

Accepted Answer

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 22 Nov 2021
mxArray *A;
A = mxCreateNumericMatrix(1, 1, mxUINT64_CLASS, mxREAL);
*(mxGetUint64s(A)) = 123;

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