How to perform calc. on the selected part of curve and then reassemble it with rest part of curve in MATLAB?

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Hello everyone,
I would be thankful if someone can help me to guide me here. Here is the attached plot between VP and Depth. I want to perform some calculations only on the encircled part of VP curve (i.e from Depth 1917 - 1976 meter) and want to plot (new) full curve after calculations in such a way that the the encircled part is changed but rest of curve is same (above and below).
Plz help me to solve this issue. If I select encircled part and perform some calculations then how can I reassembled the circled part with above and below portions.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 8 Dec 2021
see my little demo below
I extracted the portion of data of interest - you can do computation or smoothing and put back the smoothed portion in lieu of the original data
my plot is horizontal but that does not impact the demo principle
% dummy data
depth = (1870:2200);
VP = 1+rand(size(depth));
VP(1917-1870:1976-1870) = VP(1917-1870:1976-1870) + 2; % create a local step
%% main code
ind = find(depth>=1917 & depth<=1976);
VP_extract = VP(ind);
% math
VP_extract_mean = mean(VP_extract);
% smooth
VP_extract_smooth = smoothdata(VP_extract,'gaussian',20);
% replace original VP_extract with VP_extract_smooth
newVP = VP;
newVP(ind) = VP_extract_smooth;

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