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Unable to read MAT-file E:\my_file.mat: not a binary MAT-file.

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Matlab2010 le 18 Nov 2014
On one machine (2014A, win server 2012 R2) I run
on a second machine (2014A, win7 pro) I run
I get the error
Unable to read MAT-file E:\my_file.mat: not a binary MAT-file.
E is a network drive.
Now clearly the file is a MAT file. The command line suggests "Try LOAD -ASCII to read as text." before I go down that route, I want to know what has gone wrong. How can I test for corruption at the point of writing? The files are quite large (several hundred Mb) and due to the network take a long time (5mins or so to be written).
thank you.

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell le 18 Nov 2014
This sounds like something that should work. Try performing a checksum on the file on both computers and see what they report. If they are reporting different values, that would be something to take up with your sys admin. If the values are identical, add these details to this Answer.
See this Stack Overflow topic for getting a checksum tool on your PC.

Diana Duque
Diana Duque le 1 Mar 2018
I had the same problem with a network drive. If it is there a way to sync the files so they are part of the local drive, that would probably solve the problem.


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