How to add data to field with thingHTTP

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iˋm using a ThingHTTP GET request to my Shelly Cloud to receive a single temperature value.
Calling this ThingHTTP-request from my browser i get back the right single value (after setting up the right PARSE STRING).
Calling this request from the REACT app there seems to be no connection to any field of my channel.
How can I add the Information to add this single temp value to field1 of my channel ?
thanks 2 all

Accepted Answer

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 11 Mar 2022
You can use MATLAB analysis code to add the value to your channel. Use webread() or webwrite() to get the data from the external service, and then thingSpeakWrite to write it to your channel. Then you can use TimeControl or React to run that code at regular intervals.

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