Find all rows that contain a specific value in a excel

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I vave an edit text an a push button for search all rows that contain a specific value in a column
T = readtable('prices.xlsx');
item = get(handles.edit1,'String');
FinalTable = T(strcmp(T.Product, 'String', item),:);
Where is my mistake?
Error using strcmp
Too many input arguments.
If instead of using get from edit1 and use:
T = readtable('prices.xlsx');
%item = get(handles.edit1,'String');
FinalTable = T(strcmp(T.Product, 'Corn'),:);
is working

Accepted Answer

Voss on 28 May 2022
This call to strcmp:
strcmp(T.Product, 'String', item)
has an extraneous 2nd argument 'String'. It should be:
strcmp(T.Product, item)
This way, you'll notice, it conforms to the code that works, with 'Corn' being replaced by item.

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