Can't get variable out of Callback function. Already defined as global.

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I have a serialport bytesavailable callback function.
function readFrame(src,~)
global data
global payloadBytes
message = read(src,payloadBytes,"uint8");
src.UserData = message;
data = message;
I read the buffer into the variable message and then save it as global variable data.
i get the variable in my workspace. Then something happens that I can't explain. I try to svae this global variable in a local variable in my Mainscript.
processedData = data;
Problem is processedData is always empty. So when i want to make a 2D Matrice to save different data liek this;
processedData(frameCount,:) = data;
I get an exception: indices doesn't match. Thats no wonder.
Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong.
Thank you.
Kaan Inal
Kaan Inal on 29 May 2022
Ok sorry maybe im too dumb to get it but it doesn't work. The callback works i get alle the data i need inside cbuff. But i can't check cbuffw inside my main skript and so cbuff doesn't contain the data. I feel really dumb.
In the main script.
cbuffw always 1.
cbuff always 1xpayloadBytes filled with zeros.
In the workspace
cbuff stores all values read.
cbuffw increases.
After stopping the mainscript i can see all the serialdata in cbuff.
if cbuffr == cbuffw
disp("no new data");
elseif cbuffw > cbuffr
cbuffr = cbuffr+1;
data(frameCount,:) = cbuff(cbuffr,:) ;
frameCount= frameCount +1
if cbuffr == 16
cbuffr = 1;

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 May 2022
Try assigning it like this
if isempty(data)
fprintf('Skipping frameCount = %d because data vector is empty!\n', frameCount);
elseif processedData <= 1 || isempty(processedData)
% The first time through just assign it so that processedData has the same number of columns as data
processedData = reshape(data, 1, []); % Make sure it's a row vector.
% Append on data into a new row for the second and subsequent times through.
processedData(frameCount,:) = data;
Kaan Inal
Kaan Inal on 31 May 2022
I got the solution. I had to use drawnow(). With using drawnow() variable and its value was useable in the mainscript.

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