Match two rows value by a column value

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Hi guys,
In a table I want to count all matching rows based of a value of a columns
If two rows have value '1' in column 34 and in column 9 have value 'Corn' set a count in an edit text
If two rows have value '2' in column 34 and in column 9 have value 'Corn' set another count in an edit text
and so on..
index1= strcmp(new_data(:,34),'1', new_data(:,9),'Corn');
index2= strcmp(new_data(:,34),'2', new_data(:,9),'Corn');
count_total_corn = count(index1, index2);
set(handles.edit4,'string', count_total_corn)
index3= strcmp(new_data(:,34),'3', new_data(:,9),'Rice');
index4= strcmp(new_data(:,34),'4', new_data(:,9),'Rice');
count_total_rice = count(index3, index4);
set(handles.edit5,'string', count_total_rice)
Could you give me an ideea? The above doesn't work...thanks
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Jan on 1 Jun 2022
"Doesn't work" is a lean description. Prefer to share the details of the problem, if you want others to solve it. Do you get an error message?

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 1 Jun 2022
Edited: Jan on 1 Jun 2022
index1= strcmp(new_data(:,34),'1', new_data(:,9),'Corn');
This is gun-shot-programming. Please read the documentation of strcmp to find out, how this command is used. I guess you want:
index1= strcmp(new_data(:,34), '1') & strcpm(new_data(:,9), 'Corn');
But what type is new_data(:,34) ? Maybe you need {new_data(:,34)} ?
"count" sounds like it counts, but it does this for patterns in a string. Again: read count .
count_total_corn = sum(index1) + sum(index2);
% or
count_total_corn = nnz([index1, index2]);
Cristian Martin
Cristian Martin on 1 Jun 2022
My output for column 34 is [1]. How can I transform this into '1' ?

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