The Normal Equation and QR My Solutions

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Doga Ersuz
Doga Ersuz on 19 Jun 2022
Commented: William Rose on 20 Jun 2022
% discretize t on [-2,2] with h=0.01 (as a column vector)
How can I do that?
Torsten on 20 Jun 2022
Works for me.
t = (-2:0.01:2)'
t = 401×1
-2.0000 -1.9900 -1.9800 -1.9700 -1.9600 -1.9500 -1.9400 -1.9300 -1.9200 -1.9100

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Answers (1)

William Rose
William Rose on 20 Jun 2022
Edited: William Rose on 20 Jun 2022
@Doga Ersuz, It looks like your professor has provided a partial script in which you must fill in the right hand side on lines 6, 10, and 12. Hints: Line 6 should create a vector that is 401x1 (rows by columns). @Torsten's hint is the key for line 6. Line 10 should create a 401x5 matrix. Line 12 should create a 5x1 vector. You do not need a for loop for any of these lines, which is one of the nice things about Matlab. Line 15 of the script looks like a mistake, for several reasons.

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