how to find the peaks between the local maxima and local minima

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hi, can someone help figure out how to find the peaks that are placed in between the peaks and valleys?
here is the code i used to find the maxima and minima using the first derivative of my pzpg singal
[pks , locs] = findpeaks(ndy,'MinPeakProminence',0.4);
[npks , nlocs] = findpeaks(-ndy,'MinPeakProminence',0.4);
plot(T(locs), pks,'x')
hold on;
plot(T(nlocs), -npks,'o')
hold on;
plot(T ,ndy);title ('local maxima, notch and minima');xlabel('time');ylabel('amplitude')
what im trying to do next is to find the peaks between the maxima (X) and the minima (O)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Jul 2022
Try getting rid of minpeakprominence so that you find all peaks.

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