Make the x and y coordinates then enter the value into those coordinates

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I have:
value (a) matrix (20 rows x30 columns)
value (b) matrix (30 rows x 1 column)
value X = 20
value y = 30
I want to make the x (horizontal) and y (vertical) coordinates according to the x and y values (20 rows and 30 columns), then I will enter the (a) matrix values (20 rows x 30 columns) into the x and y coordinates
For example, the coordinates are 3 rows x 2 columns and then the value (a) of the matrix will be entered according to the coordinates, 3 rows x 2 columns.
Jan on 3 Jul 2022
"I had to make the x and y coordinates with a value of 20 rows x 30 columns" - is this solved or part of the question? I'm not sure, what this means. Maybe:
x = 1:20;
y = 1:30;
% Or perhaps:
[X, Y] = mesgrid(x, y);
I cannot guess, what this means: "it would randomize the numbers from the x and y coordinate matrices for example 2x3".
What does the screenshot explain?

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