How to print value from Structure in MATLAB

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Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well, I have the following Structure which include Prediction and ValueStructure
I want to print the Value from ValueStructure
for Class 1 i have write the following Code.
pred2 = sprintf('Class1 Levels: %d\n Maximum Value of Class1:%d\n Minimum Value of Class1:%d\n',CombineOutput(1).PRFStructure.StagLevels,CombineOutput(1).PRFStructure.StaggMinimumValue,CombineOutput(1).PRFStructure.StaggMaximumValue);
But i am unable to print StagPRFValue. How can i print it.
For Class 2
pred1 = sprintf('Class 2 Levels: %d\n Maximum Value of Class 2:%d\n Minimum Value of Class 2:%d\n ',CombineOutput(2).PRFStructure.Levels,CombineOutput(2).PRFStructure.DSmaximum,CombineOutput(2).PRFStructure.DSminimum);
I want to print unique values of DSPRFValue and DS Length
How can i do that in Matlab

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Jonas on 4 Jul 2022
Edited: Jonas on 4 Jul 2022
you can access the 4 doubles in the cell StagPRFValue by e.g.
the other two values can be accessed with
if you want the unique values of those vectors, use unique(CombineOutput(2).ValueStructure.DSlength)
Stephen john
Stephen john on 19 Jul 2022
@Jonas i am printing this value in the Textbox in app designer, basically it is not working in that

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Jul 2022
Assuming your sprintf worked to put the right string into pred, you can send pred to the text label component on the GUI like this
app.PredEditField.Value = pred; % Send pred string to the label on the GUI.
If you have any more questions, then attach your .mlapp code after you read this:
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jul 2022
Edited: Image Analyst on 20 Jul 2022
I think you could have figured it out yourself knowing how sprintf() works, but anyway, here is what I got to handle a variable number of elements in the StagPRFValues vector.
s = load('StephenJohn.mat');
CombineOutput = s.CombineOutput;
for z = 1: numel(CombineOutput)
thisClass = char(CombineOutput(z).Prediction);
predictedPRI = sprintf('Cluster %1.0f Predicted PRI: "%s".\n',z, thisClass);
fprintf('For z = %d, %s\n', z, predictedPRI)
app.TextArea.Value = predictedPRI;
% Get the table from the structure. "ValueStructure" is a field of hte structure and it is a table-type variable.
tbl = CombineOutput(z).ValueStructure;
% Prepare the string.
if contains(thisClass, '1')
predictedPRI = sprintf('Class1 Levels: %d\n\n StagePRFValues: [', tbl.StagLevels);
StagPRFValues = tbl.StagPRFValue{1};
numValues = numel(StagPRFValues);
for k = 1 : numValues
predictedPRI = sprintf('%s%d ', predictedPRI, StagPRFValues(k));
predictedPRI = sprintf('%s]\n Maximum Value of Class1:%d\n Minimum Value of Class1:%d\n', ...
predictedPRI, ...
tbl.StaggMinimumValue, ...
app.TextArea_3.Value = predictedPRI;
elseif contains(thisClass, '2')
predictedPRI = sprintf('Class 2 Levels: %d\n Maximum Value of Class 2:%d\n Minimum Value of Class 2:%d\n ', ...
tbl.Levels, ...
tbl.DSmaximum, ...
app.TextArea_2.Value = predictedPRI;
I think you should be able to add any additional variables you want to print. If not, see sprintf. If you really can't figure it out based on how I wrote out the other variables, then write back. Otherwise, can you click "Accept this answer."?

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