Access to Matlab 2018a version?

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Aine le 6 Juil 2022
Commenté : Aine le 6 Juil 2022
Hey guys, I'm trying to run code that someone else wrote on the 2018a version of Matlab. It won't run on the 2022 version on my PC. Does anyone know of a safe website to download the 2018a version of Matlab? I'm hoping this will solve the problem. Thanks.
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Aine le 6 Juil 2022
I downloaded the relevant products in the 2022a version but it was still reporting an error. I'm not that familiar with the differences between the various versions of Matlab, so I don't know if the code uses functionality that has been removed or changed between release R2018a and R2022a.
I have downloaded the 2018a version and my code is now running. Thank you for the response @Steven Lord.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 6 Juil 2022
If your license permits you to download previous versions, then
and on the left side you might need to click "more" and then "R2018a"
I do not know about Student versions; regular MATLAB licenses entitle you to use any previous release as well.
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Aine le 6 Juil 2022
Thank you @Walter Roberson! I didnt realise they were available on the official Matlab website.

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