Unsupported use of the '=' operator. To compare values for equality, use '=='. To specify name-value arguments, check that name is a valid identifier with no surrounding quote

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I do not know why this is not working. I would like to use the solutions fo the curve fitting to perform some calculations but keep gettign this error. I would very much appreciate any help that can be provided
I have given my code below:
A = readtable('resit experimental data.xlsx')
t = A{:,1};
y = A{:,2};
start = [10.5, -0.00017, 9, -0.0058]; %from graphpeeling
f = @(a,b,c,d,t) [a*exp(-b*t) + c*exp(-d*t)] ; %% @ used to decalre a function
obj_fun = @(params) norm(f(params(1), params(2),params(3), params(4), t)-y); %% @ (params) used to decalre a function
sol = fminsearch(obj_fun, start);
a_sol = sol(1)
b_sol = sol(2)
c_sol = sol(3)
d_sol = sol(4)
hold on
grid on
title ('Data')
xlabel ('time(minutes)')
ylabel ('concentration (mg)')
plot(t, y, '+', 'MarkerSize', 10, 'LineWidth', 2)
plot(t, f(a_sol, b_sol,c_sol, d_sol, t), '-')
legend('data points','model fit')
model_parameters = [a_sol, b_sol,c_sol, d_sol
C=( 13.3446 *( 0.525 - 0.0004 ))/( 0.525 * 15.2)

Answers (1)

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 22 Aug 2022
Moved: Voss on 22 Aug 2022
There is a close bracket sign (']') missing in your code
%2nd last line
model_parameters = [a_sol, b_sol,c_sol, d_sol]


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