As student how many courses can I enroll as self-pacing?

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I have a student credentials and I thought that I have unlimited access to pick all the courses I want within one year, right?
Now I have enrolled in half of the courses only, I have tried to be so picky and I need one more course to enroll into, so my question do we have limited access as self-paced user during this one year?
Kindly advise :)
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Rik on 10 Sep 2022
I am not aware of any limit on the courses provided by Mathworks, other than those stated explicitly (like the Matlab associate examination). Are you indeed talking about the courses provided by Mathworks?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 11 Sep 2022
It depends on the type of license you have. Only the Onramps are freely available. The rest of the self-paced courses require a separate license. If your license does not have access, you will be directed to a portal to link a license that does, or to purchase the course.
If you are signed into the MyCourses page, you do not have access to courses that display a padlock after the course title.


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