How to remove a slash from fullfile?

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Wesser on 12 Sep 2022
Commented: Hiro Yoshino on 13 Sep 2022
I want the file path for wtf to read: 'C:\Users\jessi\Desktop\HydrusMC\Simulations\MC_1\Obs_Node.out'
but with the code as scripted below renders:
How do I drop the \ between the MC_ and the 1? I couldn't find any advise from other posts on this aspect of fullfile.
wtf= fullfile('C:\\','Users','jessi','Desktop','HydrusMC','Simulations','MC_',num2str(i),'Obs_Node.out');
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Stephen23 on 12 Sep 2022
This has nothing to do with FULLFILE, you can simply concatenate them together:
or use a string:

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Answers (2)

Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino on 12 Sep 2022
How about this?
wtf= fullfile('C:\\','Users','jessi','Desktop','HydrusMC','Simulations',("MC_"+num2str(1)),'Obs_Node.out')
wtf = "C:\\/Users/jessi/Desktop/HydrusMC/Simulations/MC_1/Obs_Node.out"
Hiro Yoshino
Hiro Yoshino on 13 Sep 2022
wtf= fullfile('C:\\','Users','jessi','Desktop','HydrusMC','Simulations',("MC_"+num2str(i)),'Obs_Node.out');
Node_conc = fopen('wtf','r'); % Open monte carlo output file in Path (i)
You should pass the content of "wtf" to the function fopen.
In this case, you are passing the character array of 'wtf'.
You can tell the difference by checking out these as follows:
ans = 'wtf'
wtf= fullfile('C:\\','Users','jessi','Desktop','HydrusMC','Simulations',("MC_"+num2str(i)),'Obs_Node.out')
wtf = "C:\\/Users/jessi/Desktop/HydrusMC/Simulations/MC_0+1i/Obs_Node.out"

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Voss on 12 Sep 2022
Combine the 'MC_' and the i into a single argument.
Like this:
wtf= fullfile('C:\','Users','jessi','Desktop','HydrusMC','Simulations',['MC_' num2str(i)],'Obs_Node.out');
Or this:
wtf= fullfile('C:\','Users','jessi','Desktop','HydrusMC','Simulations',sprintf('MC_%d',i),'Obs_Node.out');
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Wesser on 12 Sep 2022
Thank you. These worked as well as the method suggested above.

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