trying to select multiple files to use in multiple s-parameter plots. I can see the file name when I manually use file1{1,2} but sparameters doesn't like it.

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DefPath = 'C:\tmp\new anenna stuff\*.s4p'
[FileName, PathName] = uigetfile(DefPath,'MultiSelect','on')
file1 = [PathName,FileName]
Error using rf.internal.netparams.AllParameters
Undefined function 'sparameters' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in rf.internal.netparams.ScatteringParameters
Error in sparameters (line 80)
obj = obj@rf.internal.netparams.ScatteringParameters(varargin{:});
Error in Plot_SParameter_s4p_File (line 8)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Oct 2022
DefPath = 'C:\tmp\new anenna stuff\*.s4p';
[FileNames, PathName] = uigetfile(DefPath,'MultiSelect','on');
if isnumeric(FileNames); return; end %user cancel
%if user selected exactly one file you got a character vector,
%otherwise a cell of character vectors. We want consistency
FileNames = cellstr(FileNames);
full_filenames = fullfile(PathName, FileNames);
objs = cellfun(@sparameters, full_filenames, 'uniform', 0);
hold on
h = cellfun(@(OBJ) rfplot(OBJ, 1, 2), objs, 'uniform', 0);
hold off
xlim auto; ylim auto
[~, basenames, ~] = fileparts(full_filenames);
legend(h, basenames);


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