Im trying to use the integral function without any success...

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Im trying to use integral to solve the following equation with the bounds from 1 to 4.
I managed to write this as (exp(-(t/3)).* sin(t^2)).
When i enter this in matlab as:
I get the following output :
While my calculator gives me the following???
What am i not getting right here??

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Oct 2022
In the symbolic toolbox, int() and solve() attempt to give indefinitely precise closed-form solutions. If int() is not able to find a closed form solution then it returns the integral unevaluated. If you want numeric results, use vpaintegral() or vpasolve() respectively, or vpa() the result of the int() call, or double() the result of the int() call
format long g
syms t
f = (exp(-(t/3)).* sin(t^2))
f = 
d = int(f, t, 1, 4)
d = 
ans = 
ans =
vpaintegral(f, t, 1, 4)
ans = 

Davide Masiello
Davide Masiello on 6 Oct 2022
syms t
f = exp(-t/3)* sin(t^2);
I = int(f,t,1,4)
I = 
This means int cannot compute the value of the definite integral. You could numerically approximate the integral by using vpa.
Fvpa = vpa(I)
Fvpa = 

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