I have a .txt file that I need to turn into a vector

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My .txt file is just "2 4 3 4". I need to turn this into a vector but I dont know how.
I loaded my .txt file into the document by going Grades = load("Grades.txt"); then I tried to make that into a vector by doing CourseGrade = linspace("Grades") but it didnt work. It wants me to put real numbers in there.
Please help me out, thanks!

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dpb on 6 Oct 2022

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Oct 2022
filename = 'Grades.txt';
%first create an example file
example_data = "2 4 3 4";
writelines(example_data, filename);
1 2 4 3 4
%now do the work
Grades = load(filename)
Grades = 1×4
2 4 3 4
%Grades is now a row vector because that is what was in the file.
%if you need it to be a column vector then transpose it
Grades = Grades.'
Grades = 4×1
2 4 3 4


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