Index Error must not exceed 28

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Hamza Shafiq
Hamza Shafiq on 8 Nov 2022
Commented: Jan on 8 Nov 2022
I am working on the multi-component fixed-bed adsorption system. Currently the number of gases that I am dealing in the model is 5. However, whenever I am extending it to the 6th it is giving me the following error:
"Index exceeds the number of array elements. Index must not exceed 28."
Kindly guide me what I am doing wrong.
I have checked the code as well to sort any discrepencay but I haven't find one.
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Jan on 8 Nov 2022
"I am working on the multi-component fixed-bed adsorption system" - Okay. Most likely the readers do not. We do not know, which model you use.
I assume, you are working with Matlab code. Then please post the code an a copy of the complete error message. Without seeing the code it is impossible to find the problem.

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