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extract defined range of pages form a PDF to create multiple PDF files

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enrico maggiolini
enrico maggiolini le 2 Mar 2023
Let say i have a 1000 pages PDF file called ALL.pdf.
I want to create multiple PDF files taken from ALL.pdf following a defined order in an excel file, eg:
File name First page Last page
John 1 10
Luke 11 15
Matt 16 22
...... ...... ......
Adam 996 1000
So matlab should extract the first 10 pages from ALL.pdf and generate JOHN.pdf, with pages from 11 to 15 generate the file LUKE.pdf and so on to ADAMS.pdf with the last 5 pages of ALL.pdf.
My ignorance is related the command usefull to open and manipulate PDF files (if i had to extract defined sheets from an .xlsx there were no problem at all)
I've searched everywhere but i did not find anything on how to do it.
Any advice?

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