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Help (f1) (R2023a) Update 1 window does not open on Windows 11 Edu

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Grzegorz Klosowski
Grzegorz Klosowski le 19 Avr 2023
I just installed MATLAB Version: (R2023a) Update 1 on Windows 11 Edu. The window does not open when I click Help (F1). Thus, "Check for Updates" etc. does not work. When I hover the mouse over the Matlab icon in the bottom bar of Windows, I have a preview of open windows. I see a blank white Help window there, but when I click it, it doesn't show up. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled Matlab. It didn't do anything. There is still the same problem. Help!
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Grzegorz Klosowski
Grzegorz Klosowski le 19 Avr 2023
Funny, but the problem solved itself when I disconnected the second monitor.

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