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Konstantinos on 28 Mar 2015
Edited: J Yadav on 3 Apr 2018
My code produces 1 figure after each iteration. The problem is that, I have to run my code 1000 times, which means 1000 iterations.Therefore, I end up having 1000 open figure windows.Is there any command (or piece of code), that I can use in matlab in order to automatically save each figure produced in each iteration in a certain folder, and then close the figure window before the next iteration begins?

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Adam on 28 Mar 2015
Edited: Adam on 28 Mar 2015
doc savefig
Although quite why you would want to save 1000 figures is another matter. You could just produce the figures on demand when you are going to actually look at them.
close( hFig )
closes the figure with handle hFig.
Adam on 28 Mar 2015
Edited: Adam on 28 Mar 2015
I haven't used them myself, I just did exactly the search I would have assumed you could have done, but the help page should be pretty explicit as to how you use them. You just supply a figure handle and a filename (with full path if you don't want it to land in whatever the current directory is) and it will save the file.
close( hFig )
will close the figure. I'm not sure what more I can explain about that.
The thing you need for both of those though is to have opened your figure using:
hFig = figure;

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J Yadav
J Yadav on 3 Apr 2018
Edited: J Yadav on 3 Apr 2018
Hi, this link might be of help.


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