Zero pole with 2 poles change s value

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Pablo Freire
Pablo Freire le 17 Mai 2023
Réponse apportée : Paul le 17 Mai 2023
How do I insert on a zero-pole block?

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Paul le 17 Mai 2023
I guess you'd first rewrite it in zpk form as
K1*Tm/(T1*T2) * (s+1/Tm) / ( (s + 1/T1) * (s + 1/T2) )
so the gain is K1*Tm/T1/T2, the zero is -1/Tm, and the poles are [-1/T1 , -1/T2]
Or use a Transfer Fcn block with numerator as K1*[Tm 1], and denominator as conv([T1 1],[T2 1])

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