How can I acquire webcam snapshots from a ps3 eye?

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Sean Ross
Sean Ross on 7 Apr 2015
Answered: Andrew Scallon on 29 Mar 2019
I got the driver software from macam(<>) and followed their directions to install the macam.component from the .dmg file into the /Library/Quicktime folder like they recommended.
Then I tried installing both the USB Webcams and the OS Generic Video Interface in hope of have access to the webcam. At this point when I call
camList = webcamlist
I'm only returned with the string
'Facetime HD Camera (Built-in)'
instead of with another external camera option.
Likewise this command returns
ans =
InstalledAdaptors: {'macvideo'}
MATLABVersion: '8.4 (R2014b)'
ToolboxName: 'Image Acquisition Toolbox'
ToolboxVersion: '4.8 (R2014b)'
instead of multiple cameras to choose as well. Does anyone know how to import the driver software to MATLAB? Or likewise some c-code I could enter that would allow me to use the snapshot() function in MATLAB? Thanks so much!

Answers (2)

Andrew Scallon
Andrew Scallon on 29 Mar 2019
I have it working on 64 bit windows 10 with driver:
And the image acquisition toolbox with the Acquisition Using Any Hardware set of functions. That is, use winvideo(); others, like preview() don't work).
vid = videoinput('winvideo',2)
[img, ts] = getsnapshot(vid);

Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 9 Apr 2015
Hi Sean,
Have you checked compatibility from this page?
Thanks, Madhura
Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 11 Apr 2015
You can do that. MEX files are a wrapper around C code that you can use in MATLAB.
1. What version of OS X are you on? 2. Did you try and use the camera with Quicktime or iMovie? Did it work? 3. If the above worked, you shouldn't need Macam.

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