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Using mex code with OpenMP while running matlab with bumblebee's optirun causes crash.

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Ron on 20 Apr 2015
I am using Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca (linux kernel 3.13.0-49).
I am running a matlab script which calls a mex function, which calls a fortran routine that uses OpenMP.
When I run the script in a matlab session which is opened normaly, the code runs fine.
When I launch matlab with bumblebee's optirun, my GPU mex codes work fine, but now the OpenMP mex code crashes matlab.
The crash happens AFTER the OpenMP code competes successfully.
Is this a bug in bumblebee?
I compile my codes as:
gfortran -c -mtune=native -fPIC -O3 -DNDEBUG -Wall -Wextra -fopenmp euv2chm.f
mex euv2chm_mex.c euv2chm.o -lgfortran -lgomp
Any ideas?
- Ron


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